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Our Joey Book One

Story 1. Joey Goes to Mars

Story 2. Joey Meets Santa Claus

Story 3. Joey and the Snow that Wouldn't Go

Joey goes to Mars

Story 1 finds Joey on a journey to Mars to meet a Martian and bring back some Mars bars. He is accompanied by co-pilot Boris, with Stephanie in mission control.

In a blacked-out bedroom Joey flies his space-ship through a star filled sky to Mars. Once there, he and Boris cross orange lakes between orange mountains to find a Martian house, but does he find the Martian?

Joey and Boris in their Space-ship.
Santa Claus.

Joey Meets Santa Claus

In story 2 Joey suspects his Grandpa Bob to be Santa Claus, so he and Stephanie hatch a plan to prove it. Late that Christmas Eve when everyone is fast asleep, Joey creeps downstairs, hiding and waiting for Santa to arrive. After seeing Santa Claus put out the presents under the tree Joey is convinced it really is Grandpa Bob.

Joey and the Snow that Wouldn't Go

Story 3. When the snow arrives unexpectedly, Joey, Stephanie and Boris go sledging and have the most wonderful day. That is until Joey loses his most precious toy and is unable to find him in the deep snow. Every morning for the next two weeks Joey opens his bedroom curtains, only to find the snow still hasn’t gone. Each day he’d go out looking and come back disappointed. Will Joey ever find his Boris, and will the snow ever go?

Joey, Stephanie and Boris go sledging.
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