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Our Joey Book Three

Story 1. Joey and the BIG Fence

Story 2. Joey on Top of the World

Story 3. Joey and the Loft

Joey and the BIG Fence

Joey is awoken by some really strange noises coming from outside. He goes on a search to find out what is making all the noise. Joey eventually discovers the source of the noises but gets himself a little stuck. 

Picture from Joey and the Big Fence.
Joey and his mum at the Fair.

Joey on Top of the World

Joey and his mum visit the fair and enjoy lots of the rides. But nothing seems to be exciting enough for Joey. So, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, his mum doesn't know where he's gone, so she goes on a frantic search to find him.

Joey and the Loft

Joey discovers that lots of his old toys have been put up in the loft. So, when he finds the loft hatch open and a ladder, he decides to climb up. But he soon discovers that the loft isn't the wonderful toy shop he expected to find. 

Joey goes into the Loft
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