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Reviews. Readers Feedback and Comments.

Joey's journey to Mars.
Joey and Boris in their space-ship.

What you thought about Our Joey.

This is a page where reviews, feedback and readers comments will be displayed.

Love, or dislike Joey, your comments are very welcome. So, please take the time to get in touch, as your feedback is very important.

1. Here is the feedback received from a well-known publisher.

Joey Goes to Mars-------------------Oct 2022--------------Rating---.4.5/5

Having read all the reports and taken note of the Editors' opinions we can confidently state that your work was found to be a most charming and entertaining read, beautifully written and illustrated, very well suited for a young audience. A truly lovely story about the adventures of a child's imagination, the board was very pleased about how this manuscript deals with a common place fantasy for the young reader in astronauts and space travel; and how this works to deliver an enhanced appeal for young readers and parents alike. A keen awareness of the intended age group is demonstrable through the dynamic, engaging and accessible language and playful rhyming scheme that makes for a lively read. The illustrations provided are of an excellent quality: appropriate, colourful, eye catching and with a unique style that is pleasing to the eye.

2. Tania. from Leeds. -----------------Jan 2023---------------Rating---4/5

We have Books 1 and 2

My daughter Kara aged 4 loves the stories and enjoys looking at the pictures every night. Her favourite character is Boris.

3. Sean. Co Durham -------------------Jan 2023------------Rating---3.5/5

Isla aged 6 absolutely loves Stephanie. Can we see more of her please.

We have Books one, two and three and can't wait for the fourth to come out.

4. Pops, Chepstow ----------------------Jan 2023------------Rating---4.5/5

Book One. Ryan is 7 and reads the Mars story every night.

He now wants a tent in his bedroom. Thanks for that...Will be buying the second book soon.

5. Jasmine, Manchester -----------------Feb 2023------------Rating ---3.5/5

I read the Book One to my little brother and he thinks Joey is really cool.

I kinda like him too. Jaz

6. Sandy W. London------------------Feb 2023---------Rating ---4/5

Books 1 and 2. Truly are wonderful books to read to your little ones.

Quality books and illustrations.

7. Diane. Liverpool---------------------Mar 2023---------Rating ---5/5

Bought Book 1 for our Liam, 5yrs, who could actually be Our Joey!!

He absolutely loves the stories. I have just ordered Books 2 and 3.

Can't wait. Thank you. x

8. Abby. Durham.----------------------Mar 2023---------Rating ---2.5/5

Caitlin is 4 and isn't quite ready for these books just yet. I've put them away till she's older.

9. Stephen. Morpeth --------------------Mar 2023 ---------Rating ---5/5

Grand daughter Jessica is 6yrs.

It's a thumbs up from Jessica. She thought Book One was excellent.

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