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Our Joey Book Two

Story 1. Joey's Night Out

Story 2. Joey and the Magic Glass

Story 3. Joey Finds a Leak

Joey's Night Out

In Story 1 Joey and Stephanie decide to run away from home. So, in the middle of the night Joey packs his most precious toys and some food into a bag and heads for the door. Once outside Joey finds that his garden is a very dark and scary place to be, nothing like it is in the daytime. Is it too scary to continue?

Picture from Joey's Night Out.
Picture from Joey and the Magic Glass.

Joey and the Magic Glass

Story 2. Joey is bored because his very best friend Stephanie is out of town. Nothing his mum suggests seems to take his fancy, that is until she mentions the tent and a picnic. He likes that idea, so goes in search of the tent. While looking for the tent Joey finds a strange and wonderful Magic Glass, but he discovers the glass has a secret.

Joey Finds a Leak

Story 3. After a fierce battle with pirates, Joey ends up swimming for his life, in a sea full of sharks. His dream is so real he wakes up soaked. But how can he get things dried before morning?

Joey, Stephanie and Boris fight pirates.
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