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Our Joey Characters. In order of appearance:

Boris. Joey's Favourite Teddy 
Stephanie. Joey's Best Friend 
Joey's Mum
Joey's Dad
Grandpa Bob
Red Eye Jack. Pirate
Coming soon. Brad the Croco-wobbly-gator
Coming soon. Dillon the sheepdog


Joey is six years old and lives with his mum and dad. He can find an adventure in the most ordinary day. Joey is never far away from his most precious teddy Boris, who usually hangs from Joeys belt. 

Picture from Joey's Night Out


Boris is Joey's most precious teddy and accompanies Joey on his adventures. He can usually be found hanging from Joey's belt. At night Boris is at Joey's side, on his pillow. 


Stephanie is Joey's very best friend who lives just next door. She is the same age as Joey and is in the same class at school. Stephanie shares in lots of Joey's adventures.

Stephanie. Joey's best friend.
Joey's mum

Joey's mum

Joey's mum is forever wondering what her son is going to get up to next. Life as Joey's mum is anything but boring.

Captain Red Eye Jack

Captain Red Eye Jack is a pirate who is desperate to take over Joey's ship. But Joey, with the help of his best friend Stephanie and his most faithful teddy Boris, put up a good fight.

Captain Red eye Jack. Pirate
Grandpa Bob.

Grandpa Bob

Grandpa Bob comes visiting on special occasions. Joey loves it when his Grandpa Bob comes because he gets to do things he wouldn't normally be allowed.

Joey's dad

Joey's dad can make anything in his shed, with all his wonderful tools. He can be found there most weekends, fixing this and making that.

Joey's dad.
Picture to follow

Brad the

Joey meets Brad while dreaming of his up-coming trip to the zoo. He's not quite sure if he's a crocodile or an alligator, but he is all wobbly in the middle. So, Joey decides to call him Brad the croco-wobbly-gator. Joey finds out that Brad can't read, but he is very hungry. He tries to fix both these problems, but "What do croco-wobbly-gators like to eat?"

the sheepdog

Joey comes across a black and white sheepdog while walking home one day. The dog takes a liking to Joey and decides to follow him. No matter how hard he tries Joey can't lose the dog who ends up following him all the way home.

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