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Books One, Two and Three are available to buy here.
Book Four is due for publishing Sept 2023

A Selection of Readers Reviews. Average Rating 4/5

Tania - Leeds ------------------------------Rating---4/5

We have Books 1 and 2

My daughter Kara aged 4 loves the stories and enjoys looking at the pictures every night. Her favourite character is Boris. PS I love the stories too.

Sean from Co Durham--------------------Rating---3.5/5

Isla is 6yrs old and absolutely loves Stephanie. Can we see more of her please?

We have Books one, two and three and can't wait for the fourth.

Pops, Chepstow ----------------------------Rating---4.5/5

Book One. Ryan is 7 and reads the Mars story every night.

He now wants a tent in his bedroom. Thanks for that...Will be buying the second book soon.

Jasmine, Manchester ----------------------Rating ---3.5/5

I read Book One to my little brother and he says Joey is really cool.

I kinda like him too. Jaz 

Sandy W. London-------------------------Rating ---4/5

Books 1 and 2. Truly are wonderful books to read to your little ones.

Quality books and illustrations.

Stephen. Morpeth ---------------------------Rating ---5/5

Grand daughter Jessica is 9yrs.

It's a thumbs up from Jessica. She thought Book One was excellent.

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  • What size are the Books?
    All books are A4 size to enhance the reader experience. The paper used is of the highest quality gloss finish for best look and durability.
  • When will the Our Joey Books be available to purchase?
    The Our Joey Books One Two and Three are available to purchase on this website from 10th Jan 2023. Our Joey Book Four will be published Sept 2023
  • How do I purchase the Our Joey books?
    At the moment the Our Joey books are only available to purchase through this website. We are working hard to get them available via other retail outlets, and will update the website when we have any more info.
  • Can I pre order the Our Joey Book 4 ?
    Book 4 can be pre ordered by contacting us via email and expressing an interest in purchasing it. Once available, you will be contacted and given the option to buy.
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